Creating the Botanical Portrait

March 21-23, 2017

Palm Beach Photographic Center

415 Clematis Street

West Palm Beach, FL  33401

(561) 253-2600

 During the first two days of this three day class, you  will learn the techniques to create  beautiful floral images, including lighting, composition and isolation.  On the third day, you will prepare the file and print for hand coloring.  You will learn how to use pastels to create your own unique art piece.

Shoot and Color in the Garden

February 25 - 26, 2017

10am - 4pm

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

1800 Lakeside Avenue

Richmond, VA  23228

(804) 262-9887

 While photographing outside and in, you will learn basic techniques of composition, lighting and isolation to create a variety of floral images. On the second day, you will select your favorites to print and prepare for and coloring.  While learning techniques of blending and accenting, you will use pastels to create your unique art piece.  

Trois Visages de Fleurs Show

March 1 - 31, 2017

CRR Library - England Run Branch

806 Lyons Boulevard

Fredericksburg, VA  22406

(540) 899-1704

Trois Visages de Fleurs (three faces of flowers) is photography based images shown in three different methods of finishing.  Broken into three distinct  groups, the images are shown in the traditional pigment print, hand colored pastel prints and those printed on alternative media including hand made papers.  The finishing of the image becomes the final creative vision.

Creating the Botanical Portrait Lecture

March 2, 2017

7:00pm - 8:30pm

CRR Library - England Run Branch

806 Lyons Boulevard

Fredericksburg, VA  22406

(540) 899-1703

 Flowers are like people.  They have traits that you want to accentuate and ones you want to minimize.  Using lighting, angles and the best lens for the job, you can learn to take an image from a snapshot to a botanical portrait.  Once you have created the image, you will see the various ways to explore your artistic vision.  This lecture is for the novice and the experienced photographer alike.

Children's Hand Coloring Class

March 4, 2017

11am - Noon

Kingdom Inspiration Studio

1008 Sophia Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22406

(540) 369-5209

Cost:  $25.00


This one hour class is open to school age children.  Students will learn techniques with pastels as they use color to enhance black and white photo animal cards.  Participants will go home with two cards complete with envelopes to give to family or friends.

Intro to Hand Coloring Photos with Pastels

March 4, 2017


Kingdom Inspiration Studio

1008 Sophia Street

Fredericksburg, VA  22401

(540) 369-5249

Cost:  $50.00

This workshop will explore the use of pastels to create a turn of the century look.  Adding that chalk texture to your print turns your image into a mixed media piece of art.  You will learn the various ways to apply the pastels on hot and cold press art papers.  You will practice on images printed for hand coloring, while learning techniques on layering pastels and blending color.  It is a relaxing method which allows you to experience the joy of coloring.

Creative Printing Lecture

March 30, 2017

7pm - 8:30pm           No Charge

CRR Library - England Run Branch

80 Lyons Boulevard

Fredericksburg, VA  22406

(540) 899-1703

You have created an image that you love....what next?  Barbara will show and discuss options for printing your file.  You will learn about some of the substrate options, including inkjet ready and hand coated materials.  She will discuss enhancing your print with pastels or paints in a traditional way.  You will learn different ways of displaying the final product and walk away wanting to include printing as your final creative choice.  The lecture is open to beginner through advanced photographers.

Botanical Portrait Photography Workshop

April 15, 2017

10am - 2pm

Kingdom Inspiration Studio

1008 Sophia Street

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

(540) 369-5249

Cost:  $70.00

 Most of us have included flowers in our photography so it is important to understand how light, composition and angle affect the outcome of your image.

 In this four hour class, you will learn ways to improve your photographs and have fun in the process while taking "your plant about the town of Fredericksburg". You  will need a digital camera, no photographic experience is required.

Classes in the Flower Fields Barn

April 23, 2017

10am - 4pm


5704 Paseo del Norte

Carlsbad, CA  92008

(760) 431-0352

Classes sponsored by Canon USA

Cost:  Admission to the Flower Fields


  I will offer two different classes:

  10AM and 2PM -Up Close and Personal 

  - a look at closeup/macro photography

  along with the opportunity to create your

  own macro shots

11AM and 3PM - Hand Coloring Flower Photos

- an opportunity to try your hand at

coloring a photographic art card to take home